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SI :01 V/A ‘Pilipinas Thrash Detonation’ CS (sold out/200) – SI’s first release was a blast! Collecting exclusive tracks from the fastest bands of the land and taking cue from the ‘Barbaric Thrash Detonation’ series of 625 Records: FEUD (Terror Inc. was the last song recorded by this band and only exclusive on this release!), PLAY (two tracks supposed to be included in 625’s Southeast Asian Thrash Detonation), SISTER BASTARD, RUSH IxDx, LIPSLIDE, VEX, YxFxCx, CENSORSHIT, ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND, ADA, DISBAND, KAKTUS KARUKA, FLASH ELORDE and NxCxPx. This is a compilation tape of epic proportions. Reproduced in Malaysia, this was a pain in the @$$ for the first release of Still Ill but a good god-damned well labor of love.

SI:02 BULLDOZED ‘Demonyomudergangcore Demo Reissue’ CS (sold out/200) – Bulldozed and Crossblood Distribution was a hell of an influence on the guys who ran Take-4 Collective and presently running Still Ill so it was a no-brainer to reissue this classic demo from the 90’s. Nevermind the lo-fi recording and the three (3) live songs unearthed to be part of this reissue. With new full color insert by Dregala and a foreword by Jep Peligro, this was an awesome release despite the controversy spawned by the song ‘Red Devil Destruction’ during the 90s. What is Bulldozed without any controversy anyway?

SSI:03 BYSTORM “Lungsod ng Mga Patay na Buhay” CD-R (/200?) – After the first two (2) releases, we kinda hit a snag with Still Ill. After a few months of no releases, we decided to release this compilation of live songs of Bystorm taken over the years of their existence. This was given out to friends, zine makers, show goers and to everyone else while copies lasted and it did not last for too long. We actually repressed maybe 50 copies of this one as a ‘Summer Edition’. Hell yes.

SI:04 BYSTORM ‘Sumalangitnawa’ CD (/500) – This piece of work was a co-release with DELUSION OF TERROR and MAJOR MALFUNCTION (before it was bought out by Still Ill!). This was the final nail in the coffin of the monster that was BYSTORM.  Twelve (12) songs of dark, metallic hardcore including a cover of SSD. And yes, the kingdom of heaven must be taken BYSTORM. The first song ‘Unang Pagbasa’ is a classic to be listened to at 1:00 AM. Sumalangitnawa Denver Rubies. (Still available)

SI:05 ARMAS NG LIAS ‘Street + Live’ CS (/100) – One of our favorite bands to come out in the last few years or so upon hearing their ‘Street’ CD-R, we asked ANL to repress this classic into CS format with some live tracks thrown in. On yellow tint CS, this hardcore/hip-hop blender is the Philippines’ answer to COLD WORLD. Yep, I said it. (Still available, surprisingly)

SI:06 RUSH IxDx ‘Collection’ CS (/100) – This one is a principal project of Dan of Get Up and Go! Records based in Nevada, USA. We’re just in for the ride. This collects Rush IxDx’s demo as well as some live tracks with a couple of unrecorded songs in the live tracks side. RID actually manage to record a second demo but went unfinished. Bummer. Fun fact: SI:06 was supposed to be for another band but the latter begged off as they wanted to re-record some newer materials. Here’s a tip: if a label offers to put out your record/cs/cd, say yes. (Still available from other labels)

SI:07 RANDOM VIOLENCE ‘Demo 2012’ – (/200?) – Upon the demise of Bystorm, SI and BS agreed to start new projects to reflect a newer era of hardcore punk. Representing the new generation of bands playing fast 80’s inspired hardcore rips through 7 songs including a cover of Warzone’s ‘Fuck Your Attitude’. Blending youth crew crunch with early 80’s hardcore aggression, you’ll dig this one. Long sold out. We pressed maybe 150 to 200 copies of this demo.

SI:08 VALUE LASTS ‘Demo’ (/100?) – This was a project of the late Denver Rubies to ‘counter’ Random Violence. It took some time but they finally got the right line-up together and recorded this demo which also features a cover of Boston’s IN MY EYES. Fast, melodic hardcore in the vein of Champion, Bane and Verse. Yep, sold out too.

SI:09 THE SKELETON YEARS ‘Beyond Lunacy and You’ CD (/150) – This band features half of Richard Collier along with some scene veterans. They play a darker, dare I say, ‘Joy Division’esque version of RC. Darwin and Sharen do not fail to write melodic and catchy songs. One of the best bands to come out of the southern area of Manila.

SI:10 VA ‘Movin’ Up, Movin’ On’ CD (/500) – True to our mantra that we’d like to feature as much new bands as we can, Still Ill collaborated with DELUSION OF TERROR and LOVE FROM HATE to bring you this masterpiece of eighteen (18) bands in a 72 minute compilation CD of the best bands the Philippines has to offer. Featuring RANDOM VIOLENCE, THE BOXERS, FORCED MARCH, NEVERDIE, SACRIFIX, VALUE LASTS, THE SKELETON YEARS, TRES LUSE, OF WOLVES AND SWINE, FRONTAL, EMBRACE THE ABSURD, TIGER PUSSY, KEEP RIGHT, MONTHLY RED, THE VICTIMS, OUTNUMBERED, HOLY COW and ARMAS NG LIAS. This CD features the best new bands from as far north as Baguio City to Cebu all the way down to General Santos City in Mindanao and oh yeah, don’t forget our Filipino contingent from Dubai, UAE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

SI:11 FEUD ‘For the Sake of Unity’ 7” – Still Ill’s first vinyl release is a co-release with MUTILATED NOISE RECORDS of the remastered Feud classic ‘For the Sake of Unity’ which was originally released back in 2000 on a 3” MCD format. Remastered to give it a more modern feel, this classic collection of songs do not disappoint. Fast, positive, political straightedge hardcore, the way it was meant to be! (100 on red, 100 on blue, 300 on black) of the best bands to come out of the southern area of Manila.