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Simple steps to pre-order with Still Ill:

  1. Browse the respective websites of www.revhq.com (Revelation Records/Distribution) or www.ebullition.com (Ebullition Distribution) for the availability of the records/CDs/tapes/merchandise/books/etc.
  1. Send us the list of your order and the source thereof and e-mail it to: stillillmailorder@gmail.com.
  1. Our resident mailorder guy will reply within the day for the quotation of the total cost of your order. The total cost will include shipping from the Revelation/Ebullition HQ to our U.S. address and the shipping from our U.S. address to our Manila address.
  • Sample quote including shipping: 1 LP – 1,000.00, 1 7” – 500.00, 1 shirt – 900.00 (shipping costs vary on the size/quantity of your order. The more you order, the more you save!)
  1. Upon receipt of our quote, deposit half of the amount of our quote thru bank deposit/LBC at this account:

    Unionbank Account
    Dangie Regala

    Send us a confirmatory e-mail of the said deposit at stillillmailorder@gmail.com including the tracking number and/or the validation slip of the bank deposit.
  1.  It takes a month to ship from the U.S. to Manila thru our forwarder using balikbayan boxes barring any unforeseen circumstances. Upon arrival of the items at our Manila address, we will notify you thru e-mail.
  1. Upon payment of the balance of the amount of your order, you have the option to either pick up the items directly at the Still Ill HQ in Manila or we can send it to you via LBC/JRS at your cost. Simple, safe mailorder via Still Ill!

We'll be placing an order monthly so make sure you get your orders in within our cut-off.



Bloody Phoenix - war, hate and war CD – Featuring ex-members of LA's cult grinders EXCRUCIATING TERROR, BLOODY PHOENIX takes up where ExTx left off - blistering, no fluff, straight forward grindcore ala early NAPALM DEATH. 26 songs of full throttle blastcore that levels everything in its path. This marks a return to true underground grindcore.

Brawler - "Laguna Capital Hardcore" CD – Hardcore metal thrash from Sta. Cruz, Laguna. First full-length album. Featuring member of Piledriver

Bystorm - "sumalangitnawa" CD – This piece of work was a co-release with DELUSION OF TERROR and MAJOR MALFUNCTION (before it was bought out by Still Ill!). This was the final nail in the coffin of the monster that was BYSTORM. Twelve (12) songs of dark, metallic hardcore including a cover of SSD. And yes, the kingdom of heaven must be taken BYSTORM. The first song ‘Unang Pagbasa’ is a classic to be listened to at 1:00 AM.

Dienasty "Demo 2014" CD – We are from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines striving hard, struggling to make music and keep the scene alive. We came from different kinds of genres. Our common influence is Hardcore-Punk. In making our music we try to blend and combine our ideas from our past kinds of music and into punk hardcore style, so we come up with those kinds of riffs and style. Keep Hardcore Positive.

Elodea "Voyager" CD – Voyager is a sophomore album by the Slovenian post-metal doomsters Elodea, who have been around since the late nineties and still maintain their mysterious presence by peering out publicly only on rare occasions. After four years of waiting, they present us with their own vision of voyage in the quest of beauty, where light ceases to exist. In a way, it's a timeless anger-fueled voyage through the super massive black hole they perfectly managed to capture in 5 songs unfolding to nearly an hour.

Holycow "Pampanga's Fastest" miniCD – Fastcore from Pampanga, Philippines. Members of Istukas over Disneyland.

Homerun "Your Destiny" CD – Your Destiny new EP features 6 fresh songs for their record and plus 4 more song from their demo as a bonus. Home Run bring the Youth Crew sound such like The First Step,Insted,Youth Of Today,Get The Most,Chain Of Strength, Atari, Champion and Side By Side. 6 fresh track of Malaysian Youth Crew hardcore style + 4 bonus song.

Human Animal "Dark Days" CD – Human Animal are a hardcore band from Erie, PA and they jam hard people. Boasting members from past bands like Abnegation, Anchor, Brother’s Keeper, Jesus Wept, Phases, Prayer for a Fallen Angel, Problem Solver Revolver, Run Devil Run, Shockwave, Smoke & Mirrors, Thick as Thieves, xDisciplex AD… and plenty more they come steeped in tradition. Fans of Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, Leeway, Biohazard, Subzero and Suicidal Tendencies will love this EP.

Ill Content "Strength Through Common Suffering" CD – ILL CONTENT is a Bay Area Hardcore band founded in 2004 by members of INSANITY, LETHAL AGGRESSION and M.U.D.,scene veterans that have been in the industry since the mid 80’s. Since forming, ILL CONTENT has played shows with Battalion of Saints, Raw Power, Attitude Adjustment, Verbal Abuse, DR Know, Fang, Toe-Tag, Deathtoll, and M.D.C. to name a few.

Incarnate "Embrace the Horror" CD – Debut full-length album featuring guest vocals and artwork by Dwid Hellion (Integrity). Expect super burly vocals over dense, chugging guitars and throbbing bass with a good amount of tempo changes - from crushing midpaced breakdowns to some of that H8000 sounding tremolo picking.

Jerkoff Kid "Home of the Homeless" CD – Founded in Paderborn in 2008 as JERK OFF KID, released an EP called "Everybody Gets Jerked". 2010 released "Home Of The Homeless" full length CD. Changed the name of the band to DAMN GOOD KIDS.

Leaflet BOmb "Culture of Impunity" CD

Living Hell "the Lost and the Damned" CD – Boasting a rich musical history, New England adds to its ever-flourishing hardcore community with Living Hell's debut full length, "The Lost And The Damned." This Connecticut/Boston hybrid's take on hardcore is one that reflects the hardened, metal tinged sound of bands like Judge, Ringworm, and Cro-Mags. Singer Craig Mack's intent was to make "The Lost And The Damned" an album that blends the heavier, metal infused side of hardcore with a faster New York influence..

Mental "Get an Oxygen Tank" CD – Mental plays straight forward straight edge hardcore, minus the pretense and minus any air of conceit. Formed in Boston during the latter part of 2001, they draw influence from the latter end of 80's New York Hard Core with such bands as Supertouch, Underdog, and Agnostic Front. Their enigmatic live shows have earned them a reputation and great reception among most in the current hardcore crowd. "Get An Oxygen Tank!" consists of their debut 7" on Lockin' Out Records as well as six new jams recorded by Jamie Locke who has worked magic for Madball, Judge, and Sick Of It All.

One King Down "God Loves, Man kills" CD – God Loves, Man Kills was One King Down's second release but first full-length album. It was released on December 8, 1998, through Equal Vision Records. Featuring new singer Jon Peters (who would eventually be replaced by original One King Down vocalist, Rob Fusco.

Pushed Aside "Do not underestimate the weak" CD – Hailing from Malaybalay, Bukidnon gives you 4 tracks of old school anthem in vein of Shutdown!

Samsara "the Emptiness" CD – Samsara feature Baina of Her Nightmare on vocals as well as members past and present of Mindsnare, Within Blood, Shotpointblank, Day Of Contempt, Blood Duster and more. This was tracked in melbourne with Converge's Kurt Ballou and taken home to mix in his GodCity studio in Salem.

Second Combat "Count on to Survive" CD – Klang Valley (Malaysia) Straight Edge band Second Combat kicks in 10 tracks of relentless youthcrew hardcore delivered with passion and sincerity. They've been around for more than 10 years now, and yet they never failed to stay true to their words. The band constructs a sound founded on old school and positive roots. They sing about the hardcore scene but also about vital issues like poverty and environment.

Strength for a Reason "Blood, Faith, loyalty" CD – Pennsylvania hardcore kings Strength For A Reason brings a voice to the anger we all feel. The true hardcore message is once again brought through by this legendary band that feels more current and important than ever.

Stretch Arm Strong "Free at last" CD – Some people love this band, and it's not hard to see why with Free At Last. The album boasts twelve tracks of melodic hardcore songs about friendship, life, and the scene with big, moshtastic breakdowns and plenty of sing along parts. Stretch Arm Strong achieve a balance of punk melodies, hardcore intensity, and the occasional astonishingly metal guitar line. Though the melodicism sometimes break up the flow of the songs, Free At Last keeps up energy the whole way through. There are also these amazing bass booms at points during the album that freaked me the fuck out.

The Network "Bishop Kent Manning" CD – Taking lessons from the school of Coalesce and Bloodlet, The Network finally captured their full essence at GodCity Studio with engineer/producer Kurt Ballou. The album title and theme is based on a short story by a member of the band about greed, regret, life, blind faith, death and consequence. For fans of Converge, Coalesce, Trap Them and Graf Orlock.

The Skeleton Years "Between Lunacy and You" CD – This band features half of Richard Collier along with some scene veterans. They play a darker, dare I say, ‘Joy Division’esque version of RC. Darwin and Sharen do not fail to write melodic and catchy songs. One of the best bands to come out of the southern area of Manila.

The Smashrooms "Rest in War" CD – Heavy, fast, and political hardcore from Italy. For fans of Floorpunch and Strife.

Ultima Victima "Le batalla sera eterna" CD – Ultima victima has been destroying cities all over Mexico from Mexico DF to Queretaro to Monterey! They have even gone past Mexico and left a trail of what were once cities in central America! With a few tours under their belt with bands like 5 victims 4 graves, soul control, and Signs of hope they are on their way to destroy a city near you with heavy guitars, sing a longs, and meaningful lyrics! Get into it! For fans of: first blood and death before dishonor

Unforce "Time for Change" CD – First full-length album from the Far South Resistance Scene StraightedgeYouth Crew Hardcore band based in Pagbilao, Quezon (Philippines) featuring 9 original heavy songs committed to spread the ideas and beliefs of hardcore lifestyle plus 1 anthemic cover song by the local hardcore veteran ‘FEUD’.

VA All these while and Highscore – All These While is a Malaysian "pissed-off HC" band, trying hard to sound like Negative Approach, No Comment, Infest, Crossed Out with a spazztic vocalist. People called it "power violence" but we just take it as "pissed off HC." Highscore, on the other hand, hails from Germany, playing old skool HC, like ManLiftingBanner.

VA Bandana Revenge /Learn/the Balls of Justice – Fastcore attack from these 3 bands, put your bandana on and mosh, some fucking fastcore with singalong, fast riffs etc etc. 29 songs in total. This will either ruin your livingroom or blaze your ass of.

VA Commin Correct and Where Fear and Weapon Meets – South Florida's Where Fear and Weapons Meet and New York's Comin' Correct. Originally released by Temperance Records in 2000, the label went under and the release went out of print. 2 originals from both bands as well as a cover (WFAWM covers Unity's "Straight On View" and CC covers Sham 69's "If The Kids Are United"). This includes all the Big Lebowski samples on the Weapon tracks.

VA Free living Insanity and Hemp

VA Hooded and Disaster Funhouse split – Hooded are from Bandung , Indonesia and Disaster Funhouse are earliest hardcore act from Malaysia. Both band play 88 style hardcore in the vein of Minor Threat , Youth Of Today , Judge etc.

VA Maximaal Onthal – This CD compilation was released on the occasion of the wedding of the Dutch crown prince and his Argentinian girlfriend, who happened to be the daugther of a former minister of the Argentinian junta of the 1970s/80s. The line-up of the Dutch contains a wide variety of Dutch punk and hardcore-bands. Almost all tracks have been specially written for this copmpilation and are recorded at the Bunt studios. The CD comes with a 40-page booklet.

VA Movin' Up Movin' On – Still Ill collaborated with DELUSION OF TERROR and LOVE FROM HATE to bring you this masterpiece of eighteen (18) bands in a 72 minute compilation CD of the best bands the Philippines has to offer. Featuring RANDOM VIOLENCE, THE BOXERS, FORCED MARCH, NEVERDIE, SACRIFIX, VALUE LASTS, THE SKELETON YEARS, TRES LUSE, OF WOLVES AND SWINE, FRONTAL, EMBRACE THE ABSURD, TIGER PUSSY, KEEP RIGHT, MONTHLY RED, THE VICTIMS, OUTNUMBERED, HOLY COW and ARMAS NG LIAS. This CD features the best new bands from as far north as Baguio City to Cebu all the way down to General Santos City in Mindanao and oh yeah, don’t forget our Filipino contingent from Dubai, UAE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

VA too legit for the pit – The conceit behind this album is just too irresistible: A bunch of (mostly obscure) hardcore punk bands take on the giants of (mostly 1990s) hip-hop. The interpretations end up being surprisingly diverse: Candiria's rendition of "Deep Cover" (originally recorded by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg) is a sludge-funk grind; the Movielife take Public Enemy's "Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man" and strip it to the bone, building a new version out of a bass, funky drummer, one-note guitar obbligato, and a very quick sample. E-Town Concrete sounds an awful lot like middle-period Defunkt on its rendition of Nas' "The World Is Yours," while the Hoods bring the death with their shredded interpretation of the LL Cool J hit "Mama Said Knock You Out." But the class of this album, hands down, is Throwdown, which delivers an absolutely hilarious version of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," complete with one of those Satan-voice guys roaring "baby got back" and "shake it shake it shake it." This is the best novelty album in years.

Where fear and Weapon meets – It's impossible to categorize Where Fear And Weapons Meet. They're not a "metal hardcore" band, a "youth crew" hardcore band, or a "pop-punk" hardcore band. They do what they do and they do it better than most. With this band, what you see is what you get. And what you'll see is simple... hardcore that is positive, but can rip your face off. If you think that sounds funny, give The Weapon a spin and you'll see what we're talking about.