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About Us

Still Ill is the collective effort of individuals who are involved in the local hardcore punk community. It rose from the ashes of the now-defunct Take 4 Collective and is operating on the same DIY principles of the aforementioned group/label. We are focused on releasing local (and maybe after some time, foreign) hardcore punk bands of varying genres who embody the same ideals as we do (for the most part) and who we think rock out the most. We are also of the opinion that DIY does not mean that the quality sucks so we try and give it our best effort to every record that we put out, whatever format that is (CD, demo, vinyl, etc.). For more info on our releases, check out the releases page.

We also distribute records and merchandise from different local and hardcore punk labels all around the world and yes we do trade our releases, so if you’re interested in mutual parasitism, go ahead and contact us.

We are always looking for good quality punk rock to release on this label, so send us your demo or existing records. No mp3s or links. Go f*ck yourselves.