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24 November 2014

Thanks to everyone who went to the screening of the Pinoi Punk Documentary Film by Rupert Estanislao. It was an awesome time with the film and the bands who played last night.

Don't forget to show up on Thursday, November 27, 2014, at Selda Dos (along Visayas Ave., between Congressional Road and Tandang Sora Extension, Quezon City) for the WE RIDE (from Vigo, Spain) show.


An update on our last pre-order - As you may have known already, packages shipped to the Philippines are currently being delayed by the port congestion and the Christmas rush, so we invite you to extend your patience, our sht should be arriving soon.

Also, we'll be taking another batch of pre-orders. Check out the mailorder section of this website for details on how to order. Cut-off will be on December 11, 2014. Go!

6 November 2014

It’s been a busy week here at the Still Ill HQ. We’ve been in contact with Rupert of Aklasan Records/Eskapo about showing his film ‘Pinoi Punk Documentary’ about Filipino/Fil-Am hardcore punk bands residing in the USA. We finally managed to set up the film showing together with a punk rock show. It will be happening on the 23rd of November 2014, Sunday at Black King’s Bar at West Avenue, Quezon City. Rupert will be doing an introduction plus a Q and A before and after the film showing, so make sure to be there! Here’s the flyer:

Before that show, we recently heard some sad news that IDB Bar at Paranaque City which is being ran by Sharen (The Skeleton Years) will be closing down and will have a final show on November 15, 2014. Too bad because the venue had been a staple of the local punk rock scene for a couple of years now. In any case, some Still Ill bands will be joining the last hurrah of this club. Here’s the flyer for IDB’s last show.

Finally, RANDOM VIOLENCE will be playing on November 28, 2014 at Selda Dos at Visayas Avenue cor. Tandang Sora, Quezon City. As of this writing, details are still a bit sketchy so sit back and wait for more info. Keep checkin this page.



14 October 2014

New records just arrived. Here are the prices. Shipping not included. Send a message to stillillmailorder@gmail.com


Geeks, The "Still Not In This Alone" LP 900.00

Geeks, The "Still Not In This Alone" LP 900.00

Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" LP 1,100.00

Bad Brains "s/t ("ROIR Sessions")" LP 1,500.00

Black Flag "Slip It In" LP 1,400.00

Descendents "Cool To Be You" LP 1,000.00

Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" LP 1,800.00

Circle Jerks "Group Sex" LP 1,000.00

Alkaline Trio "Goddamnit" LP 1,400.00

Misfits "Collection II" LP 1,350.00

Misfits "Legacy Of Brutality" LP 1,350.00

Sick Of It All "Life On The Ropes" LP 900.00

Have Heart "2003" SOLID MINT 7" 400.00

12 October 2014

Thanks to everyone who went and partied with us at The Skeleton Years release party, the bands who played (and even the ones who weren’t able to play), bought TSY CDs, VEILS tapes and other merch. It was a lot of fun, especially being it was VEILS’ debut show. Another show is being prepared by the good guys at Dark Rift (Thanks Larry!) and some accomplices.

We still have some copies of the TSY CD left. If you want a VEILS demo, send a message to Egg of Left Hand Press.

Pre-order will shut down tomorrow morning so you maybe have some 14 to 18 hours left to place an order. Send a message to stillillmailorder@gmail.com.

Gonna keep this short but keep checkin this page for more info.

09 October 2014

Two (2) more days and it’s THE SKELETON YEARS “Pieces of Recovery” CD release party at Black King’s Bar, West Avenue, Quezon City. Php 100.00 gets you in but Php 200.00 gets you in and a copy of the new CD of TSY. This is a no-brainer. Why the hell would you want to go to a release party and come home without the subject of a release party? Still Ill has limited copies (around 50) so make sure to go grab one upon arrival at the venue.

Doors will open at 7:00 PM with the first band VEILS making their debut show. Oh and VEILS themselves got a three (3) song demo cassette available at that show courtesy of LEFT HAND PRESS. Limited to 40 copies. Ferocious hardcore punk from the singer of Bystorm and some back-up  band members.

October 12 is fast approaching and we’ll be done with our first batch of pre-orders. Thanks to those who have already placed their orders and we expect those of you who haven’t sent us their orders to contact us in the next few days. For more info on Still Ill pre-order head on over to http://stillillhc.com/mailorder.html

See you in a couple of days!

02 October 2014

Check out the upcoming release shows for THE SKELETON YEARS' Pieces of Recovery CD on October 11 (BKB, West Ave., QC) and on October 18, 2014 (IDB, Paranaque City). Stacked line-up for both shows.


Also, check out this show put up by our friend Egg (Declaration of Purity) whcih serves as a thank you show for his wrist operation. Edge Day? Nope. It's Egg Day! :D


Finally, you got about ten (10) days until our first pre-orders go up. Send us your list. Check out the mailorder section of this site!

23 September 2014

It’s back. Finally. The Still Ill website is back online after a series of bugs swept thru our old files. After a couple of months deliberating on putting this back up, we decided to bring it up again with some awesome features.

The first order of business is the PRE-ORDER feature we have on this site. Everyone who ordered anything from foreign distributors know how hard  and expensive it is. From shipping to handling to customs charges, it’s a pain in the ass. So we’re offering a pre-order service for you. We’ll be ordering from Revelation or Ebullition Distribution once a month and we’ll have it shipped via Manila Forwarder. Cut-off date is every Sunday of the month so for our first pre-order, cut-off date will be on October 12, 2014. This pre-order will save you time, money and a whole lot of patience in dealing with unscrupulous distributors. For more details on our pre-order, check out this page.

Aside from our pre-order, we’ll also be stocking up on our stuff for distribution so keep checking for our updated list.

The FEUD ‘For the Sake of Unity’ 7”  has been released a couple of months ago. We still have some copies available and these are the last ones. Thanks to all those who bought some copies from us and MUTILATED NOISE RECORDS.

THE SKELETON YEARS ‘Pieces of Recovery’ CD will be released on October 11, 2014. A release party will be held at Black King’s Bar at Westlife Building, West Avenue, Quezon City. The line-up is packed and make sure you pick up the CD. Php 100.00 gets you in. Php 200.00 gets you in and you’ll take home a CD of TSY. Here’s the show flyer


The RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” is in the pressing plant as we speak and will be available very soon. Thanks to all the labels who participated in this project. Limited to 300/black, 100/green and 100/clear. Preview a track from each band. Our stock of RUSH IxDx cassettes our gone. I heard there are a few copies left from Rann of Together zine and Francis of Love From Hate. Check ‘em out.

VEILS  demo coming very, very soon. ‘Nuff said.

We’ll keep this update as short as possible for now and we’ll try to update this page as often as possible. For quick updates, go and like and our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stillillrecords

Thanks for reading and keep those orders coming!