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22 May 2016

Some really good shows are happening in the upcoming weeks. Check it out!


First up is Wellington, New Zealand based ROGERNOMIX who will be playing a show on May 28, 2016 (Saturday) with some really good locals, EYES OF FIRE, REPUGNANT, COMMIT ARSON, among others. They have a cassette tape tour version available at the show. Php 100 gets you in fools.



Up next is CHEERIO from Tokyo, Japan who will be playing their first show at Malolos City, Bulacan on June 4, 2016. CLEAN SLATE will be part of the opening acts. First time to see them so it looks like its gonna be fun and you know Malolos City is always a fun place to play. Other locals playing include PLAY, ARMAS NG LIAS, JAHANNAM and REFUSE.



The day after, VIVISICK will make their return to our shores and absolutely destroy SELDA DOS. They toured here for what seems like a million years ago and we had the opportunity to organize a show at a resort somewhere in Bacoor, Cavite and it was pure chaos. Mud, a very slippery floor and a couple of hundred punk rockers thrown in with a crazy thrash band from Japan. Do the math. KAKTUS KARUKA will be playing this show so better check ‘em out too while you can.



Finally, we have FOUR (4) touring bands from Cebu: BOMBO PLUTO OVA, GARDO, THOUGHT and TIGER PUSSY will be playing a matinee show onJune 12, 2016 which will be happening at MOW’S at Quezon City. The line-up is crazy and promises to be a lot of fun. CLEAN SLATE will open the show so come out early and hang out with us! VALUE LASTS will also be playing along with a ton of great local acts. Doors open at 3:00 PM. Playing a day time slot is HARDCORE. :D



Also, the CLEAN SLATE demo is still available for free download. If you want a physical copy (CD-R or cassette) see the details below.


20 April 2016

A bit late but a big thank you is in order to everyone who helped in the series of shows that happened last week: Allan Dayco and the rest of the San Pablo crew for putting up the Wolfdown show in San Pablo City on very short notice, Tim and the rest of the Sleeping Boy Collective for the WD show held at Mow’s In Quezon City which coincided with the Beast Jesus release party; for Mr. Boyet Miguel and the rest of Nonentities for the equipment used in the WD/WEEKEND NACHOS/PRIMITIVE MAN show held last Saturday; Special thanks goes out to Egg and RJ who helped in going in and out of the metro traffic for the bands. Thanks to everyone who went out for the shows. It was f’n hot as hell but it was all worth it. Hell yes.

Coming up: Some new records arriving in a week or so, catching up on practices/new songs, upcoming tours on May, June, July. See y’all.

19 February 2016

Finally got around to update this page and we got some really good stuff for you.

CLEAN SLATE will be dropping their demo this Saturday at this show happening at Back to the 90’s Bar at Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. The demo contains seven (7) songs of fast 80’s hardcore. You can also download it for free at stillillhc.bandcamp.com. We’ll be pressing some copies in CD-R and cassette tape formats.

CLEAN SLATE will be opening this show!


Speaking of shows, we got not one, not two, but THREE (3) touring bands hitting up our shores in the next two (2) months. First off is NO TURNING BACK from the Netherlands. We set them up for a show happening on March 14, 2016 at Selda Dos, Quezon City.


Up next, we got WEEKEND NACHOS and PRIMITIVE MAN doing a show on April 14, 2016 also at Selda Dos, Quezon City. Check out the flyer.


VALUE LASTS will start recording for their LP very soon so that’s something to really look forward to. The VEILS 7” will be pressed very soon. Thanks to our awesome comrades for helping us put It out!

Some new records arrive and is for sale right now. Check it:
Catharsis - Light From A Dead Star I 2xLP 2k
Catharsis - Light From A Dead Star II 2xLP 2k
Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss... LP 1300
Boysetsfire - s/t LP 1300
Cro-Mags - Near Death Experience LP 1400
Farside - Rochambeau LP 1300
Magrudergrind - Crusher 10" 1200
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender 7" 500
Incendiary / Xibalba Split 7" 500

The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels... LP 1600
Chuck Ragan - Till Midnight LP 1500
Touche Amore - Is Survived By LP 1300
V/A NYHC Where The Wild Things...LP 1400
Thou - Baton Rouge, You Have... LP 1600
Refused-Freedom LP 1700
Down To Nothing-Unbreakable LP 1300
Turnover- Magnolia LP 1500
Lemuria - The Distance Is So Big LP
Fucked Up - Couple Tracks LP 1300
Burning Love - Down so long 7" 500

29 December 2015

2015 is about to end and it’s just about time of the year to say thanks and to look forward to some pretty good sht going down next year.

Year in Review.

2015 was a pretty good year for Still Ill and the rest of our local punk rock community. We were able to bring some pretty “good” (i.e. AWESOME) bands such as BANE, XIBALBA, THOUGHT and FULL OF HELL. Other bands that we were able to see/play with were VENGEANCE TODAY, HIEROPHANT (killer Good Friday show!), DANGERS and of course, SICK OF IT ALL. Yeah, it was a pretty good year for touring bands.

Still Ill was able to release the RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” with the help of some really cool friends (thanks!) and was able to do a final show with RV during the MRR show which became the RV/VL split 7” release party.

We were able to get our hands of the DEATH AFTER BIRTH/SURROGATE PREY split CD, the THOUGHT/PUSHED ASIDE split 7”, GI and the IDIOTS LP, REPUGNANT cassette, DISABUSE/COMMIT ARSON split tape, EMPTY CD, among a bunch of demos which were made available this year. 2015 was a good year for vinyl/cassette releases.

NONENTITIES and ARM THY FEAR released their music online and it was VERY GOOD. Can’t wait for a full-length and physical release from (n)!

Distribution wise, we were able to place an order for records/merch at least once a month and we intend to do the same for 2016.

Looking forward.

Touring bands? We’ll just throw some confirmed names out there: WEEKEND NACHOS, PRIMITIVE MAN and MAGRUDERGRIND sound good to you?

Releases? VEILS 7” will be our priority and some people will be again helping us with this one. Watch out. CLEAN SLATE demo? Got that right. VALUE LASTS LP? You betcha.

Distribution? We’re always looking for stuff to distribute so don’t hesitate to send us a message. We can do trades for our releases as well.

Mailorder. Yeah, we kinda do that once a month. Its simple. Go over torevhq.com. Check out the thousands of titles they have. Let us know. We’ll send you a quote. You deposit half of the amount, wait for it to arrive, then pay the balance and have it delivered to you. Pretty simple, right?

We’ll be having our first pre-order for 2016 on JANUARY 7, 2016 so get those titles in and let us know.

THANKS to everyone who supported STILL ILL and the bands/music we worked with and we look forward to a better 2016. Cheers!


Continue checking this page or www.stillillhc.com for more info. PM us or e-mail stillillmailorder@gmail.com.

01 November 2015

Two (2) months left before 2015 ends and we have some (almost) year-end updates for you people.

First up is the FULL OF HELL show happening on November 10, 2015 at Selda Dos, Quezon City. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Php 300 gets you in. The supporting cast is likewise something to look forward to. Split show between STILL ILL and those nice fellas from SLEEPING BOY COLLECTIVE.

Up next is we just got word that COUNTERFLOW’s latest release ARM THY FEAR is already available for free download. ARM THY FEAR is a project of Mr. John Carpio and the lyrics he wrote are pretty inspiring for anyone who has experienced substance abuse in one form or another. Guest vocals were done by Ron Schlander (n), Jay Santos (Goo) and Ian Cuevas. Check it out (oh, and it’s a free download for all you cheapskates out there): http://www.armthyfear.com/p/main.html.

VEILS and VALUE LASTS are working on materials for our newest releases. VEILS in particular will be releasing a new record on the early part of 2016 which will be a 7” which will be a co-release with other awesome labels. VL will be working on their full-length record later this year.

STILL ILL is also working with a couple of labels for a re-release of a classic hardcore punk rock record. Stay tuned!

Finally, we’ll be having our November pre-order today until NOVEMBER 10, 2015, so get your orders in before the aforementioned date. Oh, and The Get Up Kids ‘Something to write home about’ as well as The Promise Ring record is already available at the www.revhq.com. Just letting your know.

Continue checking this page or www.stillillhc.com for more info.

07 October 2015


05 October 2015



22 september 2015

Full of Hell playing in Manila. November 10, 2015. Brought to you by Still Ill and SLEEPING BOY COLLECTIVE. Spread the word. Details to follow!


Some records/CDs available from STILL ILL.

Punch - Push Pull LP 1300
Turnstile – Non-Stop Feeling 1300
Morning Again - As Tradition... 1300
Harms Way Rust LP 1200
Angel Dust A.D. LP 1300
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Zen & the LP 1100
97A - Society's Running On LP 1200
HURULA - Vi Ar LP (North Am Ver.) 1200
PG. 99 - Singles LP 1200
GIVE Electric Flower Circus LP 1200
Blacklisted When People Grow, People Go 1200
Sense Field Building LP 1200
Black Flag "Slip It In" LP 1400
Black Flag "In My Head" LP 1400
Hatebreed "Satisfaction Is The Death..." LP 1200v Vitamin X - full scale assault 1200
Victims - Killer LP 1200
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets -Kuts LP 1700
Superheaven-Ours Is Chrome LP 1400
Better Than A Thousand Just One LP 1200

Title Fight / Touche Amore split 7"
Burning Love - Down So Long 7" 500
Earth Crisis The Discipline 7" 500
Angel Dust Xtra Raw 7" 500

CDs: (brand new/sealed) Php300 each
Stand and Fight - Together we Win
Striking Distance - The Fuse is Lit
On the Rise - Burning Inside
For The Worse - The Chaos Continues
Gallows - st
Breath in - From this Day on
Goodtime Boys - What's Left to Let Go
Octaves - which way the wind blows
Energy - invasions of the mind
Crime in Stereo - Selective Wreckage
VA Bridge Nine Singles Vol 1

Punk Rock/Ska import Used CDs for sale:
The Offspring- Americana (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
The Offspring- Ignition (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
The Offspring- Smash (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
The Offspring- Ixnay on the Hombre (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Let's face it (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
311-st (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
No Doubt- rock steady (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
No Doubt- the beacon street (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
No Doubt-tragic kingdom (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
No Doubt-return of saturn (Insert VG / CD VG) 250
Gwen Stefani - love angel music (Sealed) 250
VA OST Baseketball (VG/VG) 250

And of course, some records/CDs from our local community.
Biofeedback "Karamihan ng Tao ay Pu" 7" Php 250
Feud "for the sake of unity?" 7" Php 300
Bystorm - "sumalangitnawa" CD Php 200
Dienasty "Demo 2014" CD
Holycow "Pampanga's Fastest" miniCD
Ill Content "Strength Through Common Suffering" CD
Leaflet BOmb "Culture of Impunity" CD
Pushed Aside "Do not underestimate the weak" CD
The Skeleton Years "Between Lunacy and You" CD
Unforce "Time for Change" CD
A 5 Way Compilation CD – Over 30 minutes compilation of damaging hardcore featuring Mihara from Laguna, Bound by Fury from Manila, Knuckle Under from Manila, Torque Down from Canada and Towards the End from San Pablo, Laguna. VA Movin' Up Movin' On – Still Ill collaborated with DELUSION OF TERROR and LOVE FROM HATE to bring you this masterpiece of eighteen (18) bands in a 72 minute compilation CD of the best bands the Philippines has to offer. Featuring RANDOM VIOLENCE, THE BOXERS, FORCED MARCH, NEVERDIE, SACRIFIX, VALUE LASTS, THE SKELETON YEARS, TRES LUSE, OF WOLVES AND SWINE, FRONTAL, EMBRACE THE ABSURD, TIGER PUSSY, KEEP RIGHT, MONTHLY RED, THE VICTIMS, OUTNUMBERED, HOLY COW and ARMAS NG LIAS. This CD features the best new bands from as far north as Baguio City to Cebu all the way down to General Santos City in Mindanao and oh yeah, don’t forget our Filipino contingent from Dubai, UAE.

PM us or e-mail: stillillmailorder@gmail.com.

21 August 2015

Lots of news flying around the interwebz about some shows happening beginning this August running up to September. Let me give you a recap.

KONTRASOCIAL and ANPEROS from Indonesia will be playing a bunch of shows late August and they’ll be hitting a couple of provinces including San Fernando, Pampanga before they play Makati. VEILS will be playing at this show so come hang out! There will also be an art exhibit/workshop happening so go early (doors open at 1:00 PM) if you’re interested. Here’s the flyer:


BIRDS IN ROW (Deathwish Records) will also be playing here at September 10, 2015 at Mow’s Bar in Quezon City (same venue as that wicked HIEROPHANT show last Good Friday). Details to be announced soon.


STILL ILL with the help of some of our finer friends will be bringing Pomona, California’s heaviest hitters: XIBALBA. Yeah, you know who these guys are. They’ve released a bunch of records from A389 and Southern Lord if you must ask. Go to the show on September 14, 2015, on a Monday night, no less, and bang your fuckn brains in.

Finally, New York legends SICK OF IT ALL will be hitting our shores on September 27, 2015. No official word yet but news is that they’ll be playing at B-Side at Makati City. It will be epic.

Some Still Ill related news. VEILS is on the process of mixing and mastering their side of a split 7” with friends from Singapore. Hopefully, the entire process is finished within the year. VALUE LASTS is finishing some materials for their full-length.

To those who are asking, here is the updated list of available records available from STILL ILL:

Turnstile “Non- stop Feeling” LP 1300
Dropdead “1991-1993” LP 1200
Indecision “Most Precious Blood” LP 1300
Saves The Day - Through Being Cool LP 1500
Harms Way - Rust LP 1200
Angel Dust - A.D. LP 1300
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Zen And The Art... LP 1100
97A - Society's Running On Empty LP 1100
TRAGEDY - 1st LP (import version) 1200
TRAGEDY - Vengence LP 1200
HURULA - Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar... LP (North American Version) 1200
PG. 99 - Singles LP 1200
GIVE Electric Flower Circus LP 1200
Blacklisted When People Grow, People Go 1200
Sense Field - Building LP 1200
Black Flag - Slip It In LP 1400
Black Flag - In My Head LP 1400
Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole" LP 1200
Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is The Death... LP 1200
Angel Dust - Xtra Raw 7" 500
Vitamin X - full scale assault 1200
Victims - Killer LP 1200
Matt Skiba And The Sekrets -Kuts LP 1700
Superheaven-Ours Is Chrome LP 1400
Better Than A Thousand Just One LP 1200
Earth Crisis The Discipline 7" 500

Aside from that we still got the STILL ILL MAILORDER going and we have just ordered for our August shipment and we’ll have another one by the first week of September so stay tuned.

05 July 2015

Still Ill deadline for August pre-order: August 15, 2015. Send in your orders for records, merch, etc. Check out www.revhq.com or www.ebullition.com for their lists and the titles you want. Send us a PM or e-mail: stillillmailorder@gmail.com. Thanks!

29 July 2015



26 June 2015

Hey. It’s been a long time since we updated this site. You know, life gets in the way sometimes. So we got two (2) touring bands hitting our shores these coming months. First is DANGERS from California who will be playing on the second week of July. No official show flyer yet but I heard they’ll be playing at Back to the 90’s Bar along Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City. DANGERS is pretty good so make sure to check ‘em out. The show will be put up by the people behind Sleeping Boy Collective.

XIBALBA from Pomona, California is the other band I’m talking about. They’ll be hitting Selda Dos at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City on September 14, 2015. It’s a Monday night so you know, its gonna be a weirdly awesome night. If you don’t know XIBALBA, check out their latest releases from Southern Lord Records or A389 Records. These guys are HEAVY. Stay tuned for more info.

We got two (2) shipments this month and we did not have the time to post them here and we just took advantage of social media and some of the titles went fast. Here is the updated list of what we have in stock right now:

Turnstile “Non- stop Feeling” LP 1300
Dropdead “1991-1993” LP 1200
Spazz “Dwarf Jester Rising” LP 1200
Indecision “Most Precious Blood” LP 1300
Saves The Day - Through Being Cool LP 1500
Harms Way - Rust LP 1200
Angel Dust - A.D. LP 1300
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Zen And The Art... LP 1100
97A - Society's Running On Empty LP 1100
TRAGEDY - 1st LP (import version) 1200
SIEGE - Drop Dead LP (classic from 1984) 1200
TRAGEDY - Vengence LP 1200
HURULA - Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar... LP (North American Version) 1200
PG. 99 - Singles LP 1200
RED DONS - Fake Meets Failure LP 1100
GIVE Electric Flower Circus LP 1200
Blacklisted When People Grow, People Go 1200
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today - Silver Anniversary Pressing LP 1400
Manliftingbanner Red Fury LP 1400
Sense Field - Building LP 1200
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy LP 1400
Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm LP 1600
Black Flag - Damaged LP 1300
Black Flag - Slip It In LP 1400
Black Flag - In My Head LP 1400
Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole" LP 1200
Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is The Death... LP 1200
Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any... LP 1500
Agnostic Front “Police Violence 7" 500
Trial “Foundation” 7" 500
Angel Dust - Xtra Raw 7" 500
SPAZZ/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" 500
Cause For Alarm s/t 7" 500

We also have some local titles available. Check it:

Random Violence / Values Lasts split 7" 300
Biofeedback "Karamihan ng Tao ay Pu" 7" 250
Feud "for the sake of unity?" 7" 300
VA ‘Movin’ Up, Movin’ On’ Comp CD 200
check out more here or at the store.

That’s it. VEILS will be recording next month and VALUE LASTS thereafter. We’re still waiting for some details for our next batch of releases so keep checking this site for more info. Thanks.

18 May 2015

Thanks to everyone who partied with us last night at the MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL/RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7" RELEASE PARTY last night at Back to the 90s in Quezon City. Thanks to the bands that played with us: VEILS, Surrogate Prey (check out their just released split CD with Death After Birth, it's a banger!!!), KILL RATIO, Eyes of Fire - Manila (Demo CD was also released last night, f'n A!), NONENTITIES, and the good people of RANDOM VIOLENCE and Vlaeu Lsats! The split 7" is still available. Just send a message here or at the Still Ill page.

Thanks to Xkeeyox Rianzi and Odessa Karuka for filling in on drums for RV. Last night was also RV's last show. It was a hell of a ride. Demo, shows, Mindanao tour and a split 7" with our fave band. Salamat sa lahat ng nagtiyaga sa amin. Time to go!

Also, some records arrived today at the STILL ILL HQ. Check it:
Saves The Day - Through Being Cool LP 1500
Harms Way - Rust LP 1200
Angel Dust - Xtra Raw 7" 500
Angel Dust - A.D. LP 1300
Cursed Two - LP 1300
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Zen And The Art... LP 1100
97A - Society's Running On Empty LP 1100
SPAZZ - Dwarf Jester Rising LP 1200
TRAGEDY - 1st LP (import version) 1200
SPAZZ/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" 500
SIEGE - Drop Dead LP (classic from 1984) 1200
TRAGEDY - Vengence LP 1200
EXTORTION - Degenerate LP 1200
HURULA - Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar... LP (North American Version) 1200
PG. 99 - Singles LP 1200
RED DONS - Fake Meets Failure LP 1100

15 May 2015

Some bits and pieces.

VALUE LASTS, VEILS and a special appearance by RANDOM VIOLENCE (with two sessionist drummers!) will be playing tomorrow at the MRR DAY OF PUNK AND HARDCORE GIGS WORLDWIDE at Malolos City, Bulacan. We’ll be playing with a bunch of punk rock bands from all over so head on over and let’s hang! The RV/VL split 7” will be available at this show!

The day after, the aforementioned three (3) bands will be playing on the “official” RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” release party happening at Back to the 90’s Bar at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. We asked some of our friends to play with us and this will be a blast! Doors open before 4:00 PM and VEILS will be opening the show, so go early! Also, we’ll have a special cover for the split 7” available for this show. Limited to only 30 copies. Buy one and the entrance is free man. See you there!

The VEILS demo tape will be re-pressed by our good friend from Get up and Go! and he’ll be selling them at the Aklasan Fest! To those in the United States who want a copy of this tape, go and send him a message. VEILS will be recording for a new project before summer ends.

29 April 2015

Still Ill pre-order next deadline will be on April 30, 2015. Place your orders in! ETA for last month's order is first week of May 2015.

Yow, check it. We're throwing a party for the recently released RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7" happening on May 17, 2015 at Back to the 90's Bar at Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. Sunday Matinee, of course. 4:00 PM. We're gonna play with a bunch of our friends so you know it's gonna be a good time! Oh, and we're gonna have a limited run of release party versions of the split 7". No biggie.


24 April 2015

The RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” dropped out of nowhere yesterday and we immediately announced the availability of the same via social media. Available thru Still Ill and other labels who co-produced this record: LEFT HAND PATH PRESS, DELUSION OF TERROR RECORDS, LOVE FROM HATE RECORDS, AKLASAN RECORDS (US) and GET UP AND GO! (US).

Available in three color variants: black/300, green/100 and clear/100. We got a package going on that if you get all three colors, we’ll sell it to you at a slightly cheaper rate of Php 800.00. Each record is available for Php 300.00, by the way.

We’ll try and make this available to local record stores as soon as possible.

We’ll also bring some copies to the NEW BREED show happening this Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Selda Dos. Send us a message if you want to reserve a copy in advance. Let’s hang out at this show and support local punk rawk bands.


Thanks for reading.

11 April 2015

Back from a lengthy vacation and we do have some news for y’all but before we go there let us thank the guys from SLEEPING BOY COLLECTIVE for organizing the HIEROPHANT show last weekend. We had a blast playing and watching the show. The HIEROPHANT set was f’n epic. A part of my ribs are still aching from that show.

The last couple of weeks also saw the release of the March 2015 issue of the Still Ill newsletter which we gave away at shows. We still have some copies available. Approach us at shows and we’ll give one or some to you. Interviews with PLAY and PRAYER OF ENDURANCE essentially demanding that they finish their respective recordings and release their records ASAP!

Speaking of records, we just got word that the RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” is almost ready to be released. We will have a release party which will coincide with the Maximum Rock and Roll international day for shows to benefit MRR so this one is something to watch out for. Happening on May 16, 2015. Venue will be somewhere in Quezon City.

But before all that RANDOM VIOLENCE/MRR bullsht, Still Ill will be bringing back the ‘NEW BREED’ series of shows to ‘showcase’ some new and new(ish) bands and have a venue for them to play and have their songs and releases be heard. The latest installment will feature: BRAIN PROLAPSE (powerviolence from Batangas), REFUSE (Baguio City), RED JOHN (Bulacan) and the following bands from within the metro: NONENTITIES, THIEVES, SOME CAME RUNNING and SHAMAN’S BUD! We know the line-up is pretty diverse from who or what usually plays in a SI show so this will be amazing to watch. Show starts at 4 PM and ends at 8 PM. Sunday matinee fools! Check out the flyer done by Keeyo:

See y’all at the aforementioned shows and keep checking for more available titles in our store/releases section. We’ll be doing another mailorder before April ends. Send us an e-mail if you got something in your mind: stillillhc@gmail.com.


1 April 2015


2 March 2015


22 February 2015

Thanks to everyone who went out and partied at the BANE show last Friday. It was a hell of a good time! Thanks to BANE for finding time to play in this little country of ours. All the local bands ripped last Friday. Shame that SURROGATE PREY was not able to play.

The late December batch of pre-orders is already at Manila. Damn port congestion messing up the timeline of arrival of the records and other stuff. We’ll send a message as soon as its available. The February batch is already on its way to our forwarder.

Upcoming shows:
March 10 – VENGEANCE TODAY show somewhere in Quezon City. They have another show at Lucena, Quezon.
March 21 – ANDY DEPORTED show at Malolos City, Bulacan.
April 3 (Good Friday show!) – HIEROPHANT from Italy. Hell f’n yes.

PRAYER OF ENDURANCE released a small batch of a 2-song sampler CD at the BANE show. These songs will be part of their full-length CD which will hopefully be released sometime soon. Check out these two (2) songs at the Still Ill bandcamp. (paupload na lang cheuy)

The RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” is on its way. It has been a long wait and we’ll finally see these records!

Still working on some projects for the first half of the year. Keep posted.

2 February 2015

It had been an up and down two (2) weeks. It started off with a loss of a dear family member followed up by the death of a friend to whom I did not get a chance to say goodbye to. To Mr. Dennis ‘Mot-Mot’ Matibag, you were an inspiration to us all and will never be forgotten. There is no peace in this world as you said, but maybe there is on the other side, brother. Rest well.

From all the personal tumult, I had to book and confirm the flights of BANE who will be doing their final Southeast Asian Tour. In all probability, this will be our last chance to see them, so let’s do it and rock out to one of the best hardcore bands of the last decade.

The show will be happening in a big warehouse somewhere in Cogeo, Antipolo City. It’s one ride from Cubao or Santolan Station of LRT 2. Ride jeeps/FX/AUV with the Cogeo sign and ask to be dropped in the Unirock Quarry in front of the Petron station (there is only one there) and the venue is there. If you’re bringing a vehicle, don’t worry lots of parking spaces available. Food and drinks will be sold at the canteen in the venue. There will be vegetarian/vegan and non-vegetarian selections. Here’s the flyer for the show:


Before the BANE show, we’ll be playing a benefit show for the family of Mot. The show will be held at Back to the 90’s Bar. Entrance is Php 150.00 but if you’re feeling generous, you’re welcome to donate more. The show line-up is sick. Doors open at 1:30 PM. It’s a Sunday matinee so be there early. Here’s the flyer for the show:


The previous late December pre-order is on its way and we expect the same to be in our office by the second week of February. We’ll send you a message once its here.

Also, the February pre-order is already up and the deadline will be on February 10, 2015. Send a message to stillillmailorder@gmail.com or thru our facebook page for your orders.

We've decided to upload our releases on digital format and you can purchase the same without need of shipping costs, etc. Though we prefer you still secure a physical copy, you can always download our releases at this page.

Thanks for the continued support and expect more from Still Ill this year!

28 January 2015

Bane official flyer for the Philippine leg of their Southeast Asian Tour. Go check it! Spread the word!


15 January 2015

Bane teaser for the Pilipinas leg of their upcoming show on February 20,2015. Hell yes.


3 January 2015

Happy new year to everyone! We had a blast last year at STILL ILL and there are no signs of slowing down here at the Still Ill camp.

The RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” should be available very soon as we’re just awaiting word on the shipping date and sht. This project was a pain in the a$$ to deal with but with the help of our friends, we were able to push it through.

We were talking to Rallye of the release of SURROGATE PREY cassette and we’ll definitely find a way to release it very soon. If you like heavy, hard sludge, you will dig this band. Think Bloodlet having a three-way with THOU and NUEROSIS. Yes, it’s that good.

We got some plans for VEILS, RV and VL and all will be unveiled very soon.

The STILL ILL camp will also be hosting a show for a touring band on February 19, 2015. Details to follow but you should definitely post your leave of absence on the said date.

Finally, the distribution and mailorder section of Still Ill has been going strong. The pre-order for December had already been ordered from RevHQ and our ETA will be the first week of February. Check out our distro page for the list of available titles and our mailorder section on how to pre-order. Good things.

24 December 2014

It had been an awesome time for us here at Still Ill, new releases, shows and sht. Thanks to everyone who supported the label/distro, to all the bands who let us help release their records and every band who played in shows.

It was a hell of a year and we look forward to 2015!

More releases on the way and some more records are still available in our distro page.

24 November 2014

Thanks to everyone who went to the screening of the Pinoi Punk Documentary Film by Rupert Estanislao. It was an awesome time with the film and the bands who played last night.

Don't forget to show up on Thursday, November 27, 2014, at Selda Dos (along Visayas Ave., between Congressional Road and Tandang Sora Extension, Quezon City) for the WE RIDE (from Vigo, Spain) show.


An update on our last pre-order - As you may have known already, packages shipped to the Philippines are currently being delayed by the port congestion and the Christmas rush, so we invite you to extend your patience, our sht should be arriving soon.

Also, we'll be taking another batch of pre-orders. Check out the mailorder section of this website for details on how to order. Cut-off will be on December 11, 2014. Go!

6 November 2014

It’s been a busy week here at the Still Ill HQ. We’ve been in contact with Rupert of Aklasan Records/Eskapo about showing his film ‘Pinoi Punk Documentary’ about Filipino/Fil-Am hardcore punk bands residing in the USA. We finally managed to set up the film showing together with a punk rock show. It will be happening on the 23rd of November 2014, Sunday at Black King’s Bar at West Avenue, Quezon City. Rupert will be doing an introduction plus a Q and A before and after the film showing, so make sure to be there! Here’s the flyer:

Before that show, we recently heard some sad news that IDB Bar at Paranaque City which is being ran by Sharen (The Skeleton Years) will be closing down and will have a final show on November 15, 2014. Too bad because the venue had been a staple of the local punk rock scene for a couple of years now. In any case, some Still Ill bands will be joining the last hurrah of this club. Here’s the flyer for IDB’s last show.

Finally, RANDOM VIOLENCE will be playing on November 28, 2014 at Selda Dos at Visayas Avenue cor. Tandang Sora, Quezon City. As of this writing, details are still a bit sketchy so sit back and wait for more info. Keep checkin this page.



14 October 2014

New records just arrived. Here are the prices. Shipping not included. Send a message to stillillmailorder@gmail.com


Geeks, The "Still Not In This Alone" LP 900.00

Geeks, The "Still Not In This Alone" LP 900.00

Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" LP 1,100.00

Bad Brains "s/t ("ROIR Sessions")" LP 1,500.00

Black Flag "Slip It In" LP 1,400.00

Descendents "Cool To Be You" LP 1,000.00

Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" LP 1,800.00

Circle Jerks "Group Sex" LP 1,000.00

Alkaline Trio "Goddamnit" LP 1,400.00

Misfits "Collection II" LP 1,350.00

Misfits "Legacy Of Brutality" LP 1,350.00

Sick Of It All "Life On The Ropes" LP 900.00

Have Heart "2003" SOLID MINT 7" 400.00

12 October 2014

Thanks to everyone who went and partied with us at The Skeleton Years release party, the bands who played (and even the ones who weren’t able to play), bought TSY CDs, VEILS tapes and other merch. It was a lot of fun, especially being it was VEILS’ debut show. Another show is being prepared by the good guys at Dark Rift (Thanks Larry!) and some accomplices.

We still have some copies of the TSY CD left. If you want a VEILS demo, send a message to Egg of Left Hand Press.

Pre-order will shut down tomorrow morning so you maybe have some 14 to 18 hours left to place an order. Send a message to stillillmailorder@gmail.com.

Gonna keep this short but keep checkin this page for more info.

09 October 2014

Two (2) more days and it’s THE SKELETON YEARS “Pieces of Recovery” CD release party at Black King’s Bar, West Avenue, Quezon City. Php 100.00 gets you in but Php 200.00 gets you in and a copy of the new CD of TSY. This is a no-brainer. Why the hell would you want to go to a release party and come home without the subject of a release party? Still Ill has limited copies (around 50) so make sure to go grab one upon arrival at the venue.

Doors will open at 7:00 PM with the first band VEILS making their debut show. Oh and VEILS themselves got a three (3) song demo cassette available at that show courtesy of LEFT HAND PRESS. Limited to 40 copies. Ferocious hardcore punk from the singer of Bystorm and some back-up  band members.

October 12 is fast approaching and we’ll be done with our first batch of pre-orders. Thanks to those who have already placed their orders and we expect those of you who haven’t sent us their orders to contact us in the next few days. For more info on Still Ill pre-order head on over to http://stillillhc.com/mailorder.html

See you in a couple of days!

02 October 2014

Check out the upcoming release shows for THE SKELETON YEARS' Pieces of Recovery CD on October 11 (BKB, West Ave., QC) and on October 18, 2014 (IDB, Paranaque City). Stacked line-up for both shows.


Also, check out this show put up by our friend Egg (Declaration of Purity) whcih serves as a thank you show for his wrist operation. Edge Day? Nope. It's Egg Day! :D


Finally, you got about ten (10) days until our first pre-orders go up. Send us your list. Check out the mailorder section of this site!

23 September 2014

It’s back. Finally. The Still Ill website is back online after a series of bugs swept thru our old files. After a couple of months deliberating on putting this back up, we decided to bring it up again with some awesome features.

The first order of business is the PRE-ORDER feature we have on this site. Everyone who ordered anything from foreign distributors know how hard  and expensive it is. From shipping to handling to customs charges, it’s a pain in the ass. So we’re offering a pre-order service for you. We’ll be ordering from Revelation or Ebullition Distribution once a month and we’ll have it shipped via Manila Forwarder. Cut-off date is every Sunday of the month so for our first pre-order, cut-off date will be on October 12, 2014. This pre-order will save you time, money and a whole lot of patience in dealing with unscrupulous distributors. For more details on our pre-order, check out this page.

Aside from our pre-order, we’ll also be stocking up on our stuff for distribution so keep checking for our updated list.

The FEUD ‘For the Sake of Unity’ 7”  has been released a couple of months ago. We still have some copies available and these are the last ones. Thanks to all those who bought some copies from us and MUTILATED NOISE RECORDS.

THE SKELETON YEARS ‘Pieces of Recovery’ CD will be released on October 11, 2014. A release party will be held at Black King’s Bar at Westlife Building, West Avenue, Quezon City. The line-up is packed and make sure you pick up the CD. Php 100.00 gets you in. Php 200.00 gets you in and you’ll take home a CD of TSY. Here’s the show flyer


The RANDOM VIOLENCE/VALUE LASTS split 7” is in the pressing plant as we speak and will be available very soon. Thanks to all the labels who participated in this project. Limited to 300/black, 100/green and 100/clear. Preview a track from each band. Our stock of RUSH IxDx cassettes our gone. I heard there are a few copies left from Rann of Together zine and Francis of Love From Hate. Check ‘em out.

VEILS  demo coming very, very soon. ‘Nuff said.

We’ll keep this update as short as possible for now and we’ll try to update this page as often as possible. For quick updates, go and like and our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stillillrecords

Thanks for reading and keep those orders coming!